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                                                                                       Quotes from Dylan Thomas: ‘© The Dylan Thomas Trust’

alberto Blanco (México): under milk wood

UNDER MILK WOOD, digital collage by Alberto Blanco


moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black

gianpiero actis (italy): dylan thomas in a garden of clouds

DYLAN THOMAS IN A GARDEN OF CLOUDS, painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy

Gianpiero Actis (Torino, Italy). Eye surgeon and artist, with permanent exhibitions in the UK (Swansea, Wales) and in Belgium  (Huy).  In 2007 co-founder of the art-literary Movement “Immagine & Poesia” with  Aeronwy Thomas.

Jury member for the Arts at Turin Live Festival

gopakumar r (bahrain - india): EPHEMERAL VOID-ELEMENTS - SPACE (VIDEO STILL)

... stars float along the void

 from: IN THIS SPRING, by Dylan Thomas -  


Gopakumar, R. (India/Bahrain) R. Gopakumar is an Indian artist based in Bahrain. He works in different media including Digital Art, Motion Photography, Installation, Drawing, Painting and Print. He uses art & technology to discuss and expose social & political issues of the society. His art appears internationally in galleries and museums.

Lidia chiarelli (italy): how time has ticked a heaven round the stars (digital collage)

Digital collage from an original photo by Nora Summers


Chiarelli, Lidia (Torino, Italy) Artist and poet, co-founder, with Aeronwy Thomas, of the art-literary Movement Immagine & Poesia (2007). Award winning poet, multilingually translated. 

Salvatore gucciardo (belgique): Pluie d’étincelles

 L' obscurité est un lieu, la lumière est une route

         Dylan Thomas 

Salvatore Gucciardo  Pluie d’étincelles 50 x 60  acrylique - 2019 

Salvatore Gucciardo (Belgique):  Résonance Lumineuse

La lumière point là où le soleil ne brille pas

Dylan Thomas


Salvatore Gucciardo, Résonnance Lumineuse, 50 x 50 

acrylique - 2021


Salvatore Gucciardo,  peintre, poète, dessinateur et illustrateur autodidacte est né à Siculiana (Agrigento) Italie . Il vit en Belgique depuis 1955. Il a plus de 50 ans d’activités artistiques.  Ses œuvres ont été acquises par le Musée Royal des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi, le Musée des Arts Plastiques et graphiques de Mouscron, par la ville de  Bruxelles, la ville de Châtelet, la Province de Hainaut, la ville de Montermurlo, Italie, le Centre Culturel la Posterie à Courcelles, la Région Wallonne, la ville de Kayl,  Luxembourg. Le Musée du Bois du Cazier, Charleroi.



Dylan in My Soul
Mixed Media on canvas panel
30 cm x 30 cm
(from an original photo by Nora Summers)


Gloria Keh began painting since childhood. Her late father, an oil painter, Martin Fu was her first art teacher.  In 2008, Gloria founded a non profit charity outreach program using her art in the service of humanity. She enjoys writing poetry and lives in Singapore.

Alejandra miranda (Argentina): EL POETA LÍQUIDO


fotografía digital intervenida
from an original photo by Nora Summers
626 x 417 píxeles

rebecca lowe (UK): dylan's crown


Digital art by Rebecca Lowe to illustrate her poem as a response to "CLOWN IN THE MOON" by Dylan Thomas


Responding to Clown in the Moon


Yes, I am masking my many selves,

spinning off my tricks, acrobatic, tripping

freewheels into space


In truth, I am more Harlequin than clown,

painted many colours, a trickster

conjuring emotions,

juggling words – see

where they fall


And I can keep many things

in the air at once,

And I can sing you the music

of the spheres in every key,

without dropping a beat


The sky is my stave,

I am suspending my love

notes from the stars,

on a clear night,

you can hear them





Rebecca Lowe is a poet and organiser of spoken word events, based in Swansea, Wales. Her work has been published in many anthologies, both nationally and internationally, and featured on radio, podcasts and festivals in the UK, US and India. Her first poetry collection Blood and Water was published in November 2020 by The Seventh Quarry ( A further collection ‘Our Father Eclipse’ is due to be published by Culture Matters in April 2021.

ROXI scursatone (ITALY): fiammiferi nel vento

 tecnica mista su tela cm 60x60

Dipinto di Roxi Scursatone  collegato alla sua poesia 


Per Dylan Thomas 2021

E per i suoi versi: Sfioravamo i sobborghi della mente… /avremmo acceso fiammiferi nel vento.



Avremmo (ancora) acceso fiammiferi ancora per te


E ancora ne accendo  ancora per te nel vento che fluttua ne accendo

E che soffia forte di passione e scompiglia il dolore in questo tunnel della vita


Oscurata da un alito delittuoso di pandemia losca imprendibile e poderosa

Ma impalpabile come pulviscolo atmosferico

E per amore ancora mi accendo fiammiferaia

Ai tuoi occhi di vento smarriti ma giganteschi

Di segni di suoni di sogni per riportarti a casa

Nell’introvabile turbine d’un introverso disordine

Che vola imperdonabile dalla mia alla tua mente

Fino ai poeti che mai scendevano a dormire sulla terra



Vento di luce di piacere e di baci che siedi lassù

Nei giardini ritrovati

Portandoti appresso tutti i tuoi sobborghi dagli allampanati sentieri fioriti di parole

Semi di luce

Per me

Di ieri oggi e non più di domani


Ombra di timidezza espansa che trionfa caracollando sulla luna.


Roxi Scursatone 


Roxi Scursatone artista, scrittrice, Ha frequentato l'Accademia Albertina e l'Ateneo torinese. Da sempre si è occupata di pittura di letteratura artistica e saggistica. Ha pubblicato il volume di critica letteraria"Breviario estetico di Gaia" Genesi 1993 e "Jole con l'arte nei sandali" Genesi 2000. Suoi saggi su artisti contemporanei sono presenti nella rivista semestrale "Vernice". Suoi testi poetici sono stati pubblicati sulla rivista multimediale "Offerta Speciale". Altri articoli e racconti e rubriche sull'arte sono apparsi sul periodico annuale "Chiaravalle".   


lalit jain (india): face in shards


acrylic colors on canvas

24 x 28 inch


responding to Dylan Thomas' poem 

"Where Once the Waters of your Face"

Lalit, Jain (India) Jain Lalit is an artist born in India and alumnus of Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Currently staying in New Delhi he paints mostly human forms and mysteries of life sometimes abstract, inspired from day to day life of what he sees, seeking feminine forms in his paintings.

salvatore salamone (italy): daL ciclo Natura + segni inquietanti

All the sun long it was running, it was lovely, the hay

Fields high as the house ...

(from Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas)

Salvatore Salamone

(photo by Attilio Scimone)

colori acrilici su tela

70 x 50


 Salvatore Salamone (Italy)

Salvatore Salamone, was born in Caltanissetta and graduated in Architecture in Palermo. His first solo show, at the gallery "Il Trittico" in Palermo, dates back to the early seventies, since then he has participated in numerous group exhibitions, has staged many solo shows in Italy and abroad. He illustrated books of poetry and fiction. He created the sketches of the 18 stained glass windows mounted in the lunettes of the Church of San Michele in Caltanissetta. Other works of his can be found in museums and private collections




I linger solitary,

To taste one kiss of the evening breeze,

And feel the freshness of dew descending


Blooms gather their tendrils in knots of beauty,

Hang their clusters in loving profusion;

Faithfully renewing their perfumed petals

And honey-sweet pendants,

In the hope of autumn



VaL Smit ©



VaL Smit is a South African artist based in Cape Town. She writes ekphrastic poetry per artwork created. She uses various media in portraying images that she feels fitting to deliver the message of the words she pens down.                                                              


Responding to the poem "Forest picture" by DYLAN THOMAS

Artwork title: "The untamed" 
Medium:  Mixed media on canvas
Size: 60x80cm



music (jungle feeling) by Damien Senyuy,  AKA WUYKA


Damien Senyuy is a passionate mixed media artist and musician from Cameroon. " He likes  curves in nature, this is how he feels every time he picks up his tools to create He would anticipate the unknown and not let style limit imagination

maristella angeli (italy): UN MANTELLO DI Lucciole

“Un mantello di lucciole”                “A cloak of fireflies”

acrylic colors on wood, 33 x 33 (2018)

Carezza mi sfiora


Accarezzo la luce

sollevo il viso

orizzonte lontano

luce al suo termine

cammino scalza

la terra è calda

i piedi leggeri

colmarsi di luce è cosa lieve

palpito del cuore

all’unisono batte

col respiro affannato

passi, palpiti

sguardo in attesa

una carezza mi sfiora




Caress touches me


I caress the light

I lift my face

distant horizon

light at its end

I walk barefoot

the earth is warm

light feet

to fill itself with light

is slight thing

heart flutters

in unison he beats

breathing tasty

steps, heartbeats

the gaze waiting

a caress touches me.


Maristella Angeli

Responding to Dylan Thomas' poem "Lift up your face"



Maristella Angeli is a poetess, fantasy writer and painter who has always felt the need to express herself

in different artistic forms. She has published ten poetic collections, two fantasy novels, and has exhibited his paintings in personal, collective and international events.


HELEN BAR-LEV  (Israël) : Cranes at the Agamon HaHula Nature Reserve

Those craning birds are choice for you, songs that jump back

To the built voice, or fly with winter to the bells

 (from: The spire cranes by Dylan Thomas)


Cranes at the Agamon HaHula Nature Reserve

 painting by Helen Bar-Lev


St. Patrick’s Day Cranes


I heard them first,

then saw them

through the buds of the cherry tree

six or so small flocks

each in its own V

swooping, circling

calling, always calling

like staccato trombones

(you’d mistake them for storks

if it wasn’t for their squawking)


then, decision made,

all the flocks join up

form a long long V

redirect themselves northwards


and disappear into


a St. Patrick’s day sky



Responding to Dylan Thomas' poem "The spire cranes"





Bar-Lev, Helen (Israël)  was born  New York in 1942. She holds a BA in Anthropology, has lived in Israel for 49 years and has held over 100 exhibitions of her landscape paintings. She has six poetry collections all illustrated by herself. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2013 and received the 2016 European Homer Medal of Poetry and Art. She is Overseas Coordinator for Voices Israel Group of Poets.


antonio presti (italy): BOSCO CON PAESAGGIO

Calm and strange is this evening hour in the forest

Carven domes of green are the trees by the pathway...

(From: Forest Picture by DYLAN THOMAS)

                                                                                         BOSCO CON PAESAGGIO

acrilico su tela 100  x 100

Responding to Dylan Thomas' poem "FOREST PICTURE"


Antonio Presti ha realizzato la sua prima personale a Caltanissetta alla Galleria “IL RE D'AREMI” già nel 1968 a soli 17 anni. I dipinti del periodo universitario a Palermo (frequenta la Facoltà di Medicina nel 1972/73) sono caratterizzati da una forte carica sociale.  La sua migrazione in Piemonte, nel 1975, lo porta a Sauze d'Oulx (TO) dove con tre amici fonda la Libreria-Galleria d'Arte “SPAZIO”.

 Attualmente vive ed opera tra Torino e Parigi, dove realizza i suoi “boschi della memoria” su carta recente ed antica che trova nei “marchés aux puces” parigini, per farne acquarelli e tecniche miste. Ha al suo attivo numerose mostre-installazioni-performances in Italia e all’estero.

fiona green (UK): Blue XR RebeL


painting by Fiona Green for Dylan Thomas' Anniversary

(drawn with water soluble Inktense blocks & painted with blackberry juice)


(To Dylan, For Llewelyn) 
Llewelyn saw your side of the truth and rejected it
In the blinding country of his middle age;
He saw what was undone
Under the unminding skies
King of his heart in the blind days.
King of his sixty one years, by the grinding Dawlish Sea
He blew away like breath
Went crying through and me
And the souls of all men :
A hard death.
And all your deeds and words,Dylan
Were cast,before he moved
Each truth, each lie
Was judged  ... and died ....
In his unjudging love.
- - -
Fiona Green
Responding to Dylan Thomas' poem "This side of the truth"
(to Llewelyn)

Fiona Green, artist, was born in India in 1943 

Trained at the Bath Academy of Art & Central St Martin's, London.  Member of Chelsea Arts Club.

She went to school with Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan's daughter, in 1958 & 40 years 

later remet & restarted a relationship with Llewelyn, his son, sharing their homes

in London, Dawlish, and Totnes, Devon,  until his untimely death in 2000.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon (mauritius): POETIC SEA (to Dylan Thomas)


Poetic Sea

(for Dylan Thomas)

acrylic on canvas board

14'' x 11'' inches


Vatsala Radhakeesoon is an author/poet and artist from Mauritius. She has had numerous poetry books published and participated in a few international online Art exhibitions . She considers poetry as her first love and visual art as a healer in all circumstances.




daniela asinari (Italy): My tears are like the quiet drift

My tears are like the quiet drift
Of petals from some magic rose
From: Clown in the Moon - Dylan Thomas


Responding to Dylan Thomas' poem CLOWN IN THE MOON

Daniela Asinari nasce e vive Torino dove già da molto giovane segue il padre nella realizzazione di bassorilievi con la scagliola , iniziando cosi le prime sperimentazioni e installazioni artistiche in Liguria .Dal 1989 scopre e sperimenta  la tecnica del Sumi-e l’antica pittura giapponese  Successivamente  utilizza  acrilico e l’olio per creare opere dal pensiero surreale creato dalla ispirazione delle poesie del movimento artistico “Immagine e Poesia” partecipando  a numerosi eventi 

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld (USA): "The Evocation of Dylan Thomas"

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld's painting "The Evocation of Dylan Thomas" is exhibited at the Dylan Thomas Theater in Swansea, Wales


Big Sur, California artist, poet, and prose-writer Carolyn Mary Kleefeld studied art and psychology at UCLA and is the author of twenty books. Her writing has been translated into over 15 languages. Three of her books are available in bilingual and trilingual editions and her books have been used at universities and healing centers internationally. Her art appears worldwide in galleries, museums, and private collections.

bebe barkan (USA): thinking of dylan

Barkan, Bebe (U.S.A.) Bebe Barkan, painter, book illustrator-designer, and sculptor, has had numerous exhibitions of her whimsical, folk-pop work. She serves as Art Editor of Cross-Cultural Communications, now in its 50th year, with 500 titles in 60 different languages in print. 

adel  gorgy (USA): "Where You Dream, There You Are...Lucid Dreams"

I dreamed my genesis in sweat of sleep, breaking
Through the rotating shell...

From: I dreamed my genesis - Dylan Thomas


Gorgy, Adel (U.S.A.) Adel Gorgy is a contemporary fine art photographer who lives and works in New York. His artwork has been widely published and exhibited in museums and galleries both in the United States and internationally.


MARSHA SOLOMON (USA): "All the Colors of the Garden"

All the sun long it was running, it was lovely...

From: Fern Hill - Dylan Thomas


Solomon, Marsha (USA) Marsha Solomon has been living and working as a painter and a poet in New York. Her work has been presented in museums and galleries in the US and Europe, and has been the subject of eight solo exhibitions.

Nadezda Krivohizina (Latvia): « Thomas poetry»

« Thomas poetry»  Collage, acrylic, cardboard  60 x 60 cms, 2021




Krivohizina, Nadezda (Latvia) Nadezda Krivohizina was born in Daugavpils (Latvia). She has worked as a free artist. She uses different techniques and different styles (realism, impressionism and abstraction). Her art works are in private collections in Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, Estonia, Canada. She regularly takes part in group and personal exhibitions.




caterina ciuffettelli (Italy): landscape

Title: Landscape - 2017

Technique: Frottage su carta su mdf


Responding to: Do not go gentle into that good night

...Though wise men at their end know dark is right...

Dylan Thomas


Caterina Ciuffetelli (L’Aquila, Italy) is an Italian abstract artist based in Umbria.

 She has been working for a long time in different media.

 Her works can be found in museums and private collections.

Cristiane campos (Brazil): anjo protector

Then will we rise

Upon broad wings

And go into the air


Dylan Thomas



Campos, Cristiane (Brazil) Cristiane Campos lives in Ubatuba, Brazil. Self-taught artist, she uses Art as a means of expressing emotions and states of mind. Her paintings show various techniques with different themes and styles. Since 1991, her artworks have been presented at solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.


Katayoon Firouzi  (Iran/USA): light beyond the universe


When it was noon have walked into the light

Dylan Thomas


"Light beyond the universe" from " Poetry & Silence " collection. 

25 x 25 inch. 

Oil on canvas.  2021



Katayoon Firouzi is an Iranian/ American abstract painter.  She says:

My art is a personal interpretation of Nature's philosophy. 

 Poetry, Mysticism are the material of my work. My aim is to show the Unknown, and make the viewer " Feel" rather  than " See" by  capturing a singular reality within nature.

There is a line of observation, meditation, contemplation to understand the environment as a source of inspiration for my paintings.

Andre Schreuder (Netherlands): now i'm here

Infinite shadowy isles lie silent before me

Dylan Thomas


Title: Now I'm here

size30x40 cm

acryl on paper


Schreuder, Andre (Nertherlands) Andre Schreuder, born in Delft The Netherlands, 1960, painter and poet. Published : Fair and Square; The Borderline of Art; Paintings and Poetry, and a book in dutch rhyme, about stories from the east. My paintings are inspired by all the great painters around the 1900's.

FÁBIÁN István (Hungary): responding to:  "I, in my intricate image"

Responding to "I, in my intricate image" - Dylan Thomas


István, Fábián (Hungary) Fábián István is a book- and newspaper-designer, graphic artist and a poet. He writes poems and makes ink-graphic works. In the eighties his works were published in several anthologies, reviews, magazines in Hungary ((Élet és Irodalom, Alföld, Palócföld, Mozgó Világ, Magyar Napló, Somogy, Hitel etc.). Four (4) of his poetry books have been published in 1984, 1990, 2003 and 2016. 


Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz (Syria/USA): HOPE

Outlines melting into a vague immensity

Dylan Thomas


Acrylic on canvas 


36X48 inches 


Mahfouz , Badreddine Ilham (U.S.A./Syria) Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz is a Syrian American Artist, graduate of eastern Michigan University B.F.A., working and living in Michigan USA. She won several awards in painting and sculpture, had 13 solo art exhibits in USA and participated in over 112 group art exhibits. Her artwork are shown in galleries and museums.

loi duc (vietnam): inside symbolize

So tremulously like a dream

Dylan Thomas


Title: Inside symbolize / 85-160-4cm / oil on canvas/2021


Loi Duc lives and works in Saigon (Vietnam). After his studies at the Art School, he has exhibited his paintings in several exhibitions in Vietnam and in different countries.


sirpa mononen (finland/Switzerland):  get down to heaven

all the fishes were rayed in blood...

Dylan Thomas


70 x 100 cms

 technique: acrylics on wooden board


Sirpa Mononen:

Finnish artist living in Switzerland.  Acrylics, inks and bio resin are her main media.

Her job is to dream and to create new sights and worlds, where we understand each other without words, through imagery language. Her  aim is the circularisation of «beeing rootless, yet not alone».

The vast tundra in her soulscape in the arctic inspires her endlessly.  Another deep-going source for her works is diving into the ocean – the shortest way to the (fish) heaven. She says:

 Who I am, what I think and feel, how I see the world and particularly what I have to say and what I have to give, it’s all in my works.

galya didur  (Ukraine/ISRAEL) :  african mask

O, make me a mask

Dylan Thomas


Title: African mask

acryl on canvas, 90 x 60 cms


-Galya Didur was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. She attended the College of Arts in Kharkov and later on continued she studies at the Kharkov Art Academy,choosing as a major Monumental Decorative Painting(1984-1989). Since 1990, she has lived in Israel. She worked in interior design (painted in cupola in Hotel Hilton, Queen Sheba)
Her artworks are exhibited in the Museum of Russian Art (Jersey City, USA),and may be found as part of private collections in the USA, Canada, France , Switzerland ,Germany, Russia, Israel...


sue zhu (new zealand): the song of the bottle


The title " The Drifting bottle "   
Acrylic Painting and paper cuts on canvas 


Sue Zhu, New Zealand Chinese poet, artist and organizer of international cultural exchanges, she is a director of the NZ Poetry and Art Association, honorary director of US-China Culture and Art Centre, an international award-winner.

donna McGee (ireland): skyfall

Outlines melting into a vague immensity...
Dylan Thomas
Title:  Skyfall
Framed Oil Painting
20 x 30 inches

Donna McGee is an award winning professional abstract and landscape painter working from her studio in Dublin.

Her paintings are inspired by the restless, elemental forces and timeless beauty of the Irish landscape. 

Her work can be found in many collections across the globe.


See more:

Federica nightingale Galetto  (italy): Omaggio a dylan Thomas

                                                              (digital collage from an original photo by Nora Summers)


Federica Nightingale Galetto (Italy) is an italian poet, writer and collagiste.

Her work has been published on paper and e-book.

Leman Bedia Güven (Turkey): two collages for Dylan Thomas



 Leman Bedia Güven graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department Of Management Engeneering. She worked nearly 25 years in Turkey’s leading investment holding company at various different and top positions. And got  a master’s degree in Art Management in Yeditepe University. She is creating analogue collages and mainly working on social issue collages. And she also likes to make miniature collages. Some of her collages were issued in women magazines and selected in some collage art accounts in instagram

Ljiljana Stjelja (Serbia): Dylan's World


Ljiljana Stjelja (1949, Serbia) is a Serbian collage artist. She participated in many collective exhibitions, literary and artistic projects. She is the art director of the literary magazine Enheduana and the Co-Founder of the Association Alia Mundi for promoting cultural diversity. 


Sylvie Adjabroux (france): Rose in Paradise

Responding to Dylan Thomas' poem "Clown in the moon"

My tears are like the quiet drift

Of petals from some magic rose...


Artist: Sylvia Adjabroux

Title: Rose in Paradise

Technique: oil painting, 40/30


Adjabroux, Sylvia (France) Sylvia Adjabroux est une artiste peintre vivant à Bordeaux, affiliée à la Maison des Artistes. Elle utilise les méthodes traditionnelles italiennes s'inscrivant dans l'art sacré.

fotini hamidieli (Greece): IN THE WOOD

Responding to Dylan Thomas'  poem  "Being but men" :  

Being but men, we walked into the trees

Afraid, letting our syllables be soft...



Artist: Fotini Hamidieli

Title: In the wood

Print 20 x 20  cms